Sometimes it’s tough to cope when we have one difficulty in our lives, so what about when there are three or four problems happening all at once?

Our mission is to work with those people in Newcastle Gateshead who experience a number of difficulties across alcohol and drug dependency, mental health, accommodation or offending, and who are not benefiting from the current service provision. Our aim is to develop and support new ways of working by challenging both the system and stereotypes so that people can improve their overall physical and mental health, find safe accommodation and have the opportunity for paid work: so that they can lead Fulfilling Lives.

Fulfilling Lives Newcastle Gateshead is an eight year, Big Lottery funded programme which works with people who have complex and multiple needs, and with the organisations and services that are here to support them.

Our staff team work closely with people who lead chaotic lives, helping them to find their way through the system and together work out how services could be better in the future. We do this, so that we can support people living with complex needs to make it from crisis to stability, have a home, a job and sustained well-being.

All of the key organisations who commission services in Newcastle and Gateshead are working with us and they are committed to learning and changing the way in which services are commissioned and delivered for people living with complex and multiple needs.

Our goal is to improve and better coordinate services to support people across Newcastle and Gateshead living with multiple and complex needs - to see people for the potential they have, rather than for their problems.

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19th June 2015

Fulfilling Lives Annual Meeting

Earlier this month, Fulfilling Lives, hosted their annual meeting in Gateshead to talk about how the programme is progressing. Guests were invited to share their views at the open forum to help shape Fullfilling Lives' next phase of work.

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