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About Us

The focus of the Fulfilling Lives programme is on those people who often spiral around the system(s), are excluded from the support they need, and experience a combination of at least three of the following four problems:

  • homelessness
  • re-offending
  • problematic substance misuse
  • and mental ill health.

Our goal is to improve and better coordinate services to support people across Newcastle and Gateshead living with multiple and complex needs: to see people for the potential they have, rather than for their problems. We offer service users a voice, and give them the opportunity to co-design the way the programme is delivered through our Experts By Experience (EBE) Network. It is through our EBE Network that service users can also train as peer navigators.

The Fulfilling Lives programme is an 8-year programme funded by The Big Lottery Fund, ending in 2022. We intend the legacy of the programme to be real system change across Newcastle and Gateshead and that the Experts by Experience Network will continue to run as an independent structure; helping shape and improve vital services for people experiencing multiple and complex needs.

The longevity of the programme and level of funding allows real opportunity to make a serious impact upon the lives of people with complex needs living in and between Newcastle and Gateshead. There are a further 11 Fulfilling Lives programmes across England.

For further information please get in touch.