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Multiple and complex needs transformation initiative in Gateshead

We have commissioned a new research project to develop our learning around the multiple and complex needs (MCN) system in Gateshead. The project is being delivered as a partnership by Oasis Community Housing, Goodlabs, Helme Park, and the Collective Impact Agency and will focus on:

  • Yielding new insights into how the Gateshead system deals with people experiencing MCN
  • Revealing where over-complexity within the system works against achieving outcomes
  • Highlighting where innovation has enabled better outcomes
  • Making recommendations for rationalising the multiple professional contexts concerned with MCN issues
  • Leveraging change within the system that will benefit both service-users and professionals.

The research will be shaped by the ‘6 steps to significant change’ model and will be supported by our Experts by Experience Network of people with lived experience of MCN.

6 steps to significant change

We’ll share insights from the research as they become available but in the meantime please email Andy Crosbie from the Collective Impact Agency on if you have any questions.