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Frequent Flyer

“Drinking had always been present in our household as my mum was alcohol dependent.  Life at home was turbulent and I struggled to fit in a school environment meaning I went to a special needs school…” Hear my story

A Safe Place

“If I had been able to have safe housing when I was younger I would not have had to marry to escape abuse. Little did I know I married into a worse situation. I wanted and tried to leave my ex-husband but couldn’t as my eldest son was 15 and couldn’t stay in a refuge…” Hear my story

Mental Ill Health Hotline

“Hello and welcome to the mental ill health hotline. If you are obsessive compulsive please press one repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press two for you…” Hear my story

Very Different Now

“I was smoking heroin with my brother at the age of 13, so I suppose I didn’t stand much of a chance really…kids homes and stuff like and then obviously by that time I had a habit and by 17 I was absolutely ruined off it really…” Hear my story


“‘…And I’m an alcoholic,’ I finished. That was the start of the changes that needed to be made. Up until this point my life has been exciting, fun and easy. As a kid I was always in trouble, skipping school, dabbling with drink and drugs and after the breakdown of my relationship I knew things had to change…” Hear my story


“I would like to talk about my time in Narcotics Anonymous (NA). When I first came into a meeting I thought it was going to be properly therapeutic. People were reading cards and it seemed like they all knew each other from way back when…” Hear my story

The Master

“I have a master of an evil kind. He totally controls my body, soul and mind. At first he was fun and exciting, but soon I became his fool. A victim without a chance. He took my life in just a glance…” Hear my story

The Monkey on My Back

“At last it’s time to say goodbye
To the bane of my existence
Don’t think I haven’t tried before
But too weak was my resistance
From a boy of 9 you had me…” Hear my story

Honest Intention

“So I’ve got multiple complex needs,
But what exactly does that mean,
I am a person, first and foremost,
Not defined by a label in spite of the cost.
Sodden with drink I hit rock bottom…” Hear my story


“They both had good jobs, we had a nice home, two cars it was a normal upbringing. School was ok up till then, but I had 18 months out of school after my mum died. I was a mess, devastated lying in bed all day crying…” Hear my story